I have recently developed an interest for photography. It allows you to hold time for a moment. Feels wonderful when you can look back into the past, so what if for a second, through a small window called 'photograph'. Life has too many colors to fill all of them in your picture at once. Photography helps slow down the pace of time and enjoy the micro-moments.

Photography at McLeodganj

McLeodganj is a beautiful suburban area in the state Himanchal Pradesh, India. A place which made me crazy for its peace and tranquility. Nature holds all the keys to beauty and perfectness. 
Tried to click a few scenes. 

Shubh Photography
I am - While roaming around a small hilly village, came across this garden in a house and this flower was the first thing i noticed in the garden, no doubt it expressed itself..

Shubh Photography, McLeodganj, Nation
Nation First - Could not resist myself from clicking this pic, though from inside the running bus. Cantt area probably.

Shubh Photography, McLeodganj, Hilly Roads
Bends, not stop...

McLeodganj, Photography, Garden, Nature Photography
Hey There! - this little fellow accompanied me during shoot :-)
McLeodganj Photography, Rose Photos, Shubh Photography, Roses
The Rose Garden - Roses always attract me. They feel rich, they feel vibrant, full, loud and loved...

Nature Photography, McLeodganj, India
Edges - The spiral roads, unfolded nature at every step.....that parallel road down the valley, on another mountain....

Shubh photography, McLeodganj, Phototgraphy, India
The Valley Spoke - As beautiful as the hearts of people there!!

shubh Photography, Goat, Tricolor, McLeodganj, Photography
Smile in Tricolor - Whoa! never knew they could reply to camera but just look at that smile.


  1. lovely, loved your way of expression! Keep it up.

  2. AWWWESOOMME....well done gal....
    “‘A picture is worth a thousand words’"
    never thought of it...i mean abt ur talent ...:P :)

    1. Thanks Shaiz :) neither did I know ;)

  3. Nice, very expressive eith vivid clear pics keep it up dear

  4. wondwerfull pics dear ... :)

  5. I m loving it.....Cool yaar......lovely & awesome pics...
    one more creativity added to ur list..... :)

  6. Its magnificent, i luv those shots. Actually you are trying to wake the passion inside me; PHOTOGRAPHY!

    1. Thanks :)
      Get a camera and go on, m waiting for some b'ful shots from ur camera...